Tiffany Taylor

Graphic Designer

Began at Designs Group, LLC: August 2014

Education: Indiana Wesleyan University - BS in Graphic Design

About: Tiffany is that envious balance of right brain/left brain. In the creative world that is an enviable and viable trait to have. With her organizational skills she is able to take piles of facts, material and relayed information and bring it to neat, compartmentalized, amazing designs, done in an orderly fashion!  She is also the purveyor of keeping tabs on all our clients work as it enters our doors and monitors. As foretold, she has the great balance of the analytical and creative mind. This trait is ideal for Designs Group due to her keen view and savvy take of both her brains. Yes. She has two brains. Well. We believe she does for all that she accomplishes in a day.

Tiffany’s creative qualities are enhanced by her passion of all things in many mediums -  from art, photography, vintage-style tastes and her love of color. She focuses on the details and is a self-proclaimed perfectionist.

We’re going places, and Tiffany knows the way and the best sushi places!