Dawn Darga

Award-winning Senior Graphic Designer and Owner of Designs Group, LLC since 1997

Education: Indiana Wesleyan University - BA in Commercial Design and K-12 Art Education with a minor in Art History

About: Dawn is a seasoned professional foremost, easy to talk with on any subject, passionate about her work, a dynamo with her creative talents and that’s just referencing her pinky finger!

When you meet with Dawn, she makes you feel at ease. She is reliable, approachable and empathetic to others needs. These traits assist her when developing her award-winning creative for clients. When you can connect with an individual it makes the business relationship a true success.

Where can Designs Group, LLC take you? Any where you want to be. For your creative needs and business destination -  Dawn is the person you want alongside you in that ‘first class’ seat. She won’t take up much space - and she loves raspberries.