Border Collie Mix. Shy. Lover of Rocks.

Began at Designs Group, LLC: June 2013

About: Greeter #3 and delicate sniffer of those she chooses to meet.

Marley is the dainty one. She is the little and slight to the big and the might. Again, a variety among the K9’s is beneficial to the staff and she rounds out the other two nicely. 

She is quiet but don’t let that fool you. She is an observant participant. She too, knows when a boost is needed in the day, that caffeine just doesn’t do like the scratching of one’s ears can do. Waiting patiently for you to notice her and toss her favorite toy or to bring you a rock from outside, because anyone can bring you sticks. She too knows the value of variety and something different when it comes to the life at a design firm.

Marley is a shaker and a mover. Ready for a quick walk or nap, she knows the importance of keeping one's self busy yet taking out time to regenerate to be in tip-top mode to get the task at hand done.